UPDATE: 2014 - More than 52,000 people have read this short article to date so I thought I'd update it somewhat. Rao who caused both Gemini of Chennai in the age of mono -sound is definitely an important label among distinguished audio professionals of India. When I hear the more than 250 files of Ilayaraja again and again, my conviction the best period for that quality of Ilayaraja's music was the time when Emmy caused him becomes harder. He and his portion also had performed with inside the audiorecording of Rahman's introduction tune Aasai'.

The music thus created would right define lines that were circular over a polish history or / shellac dish. I have heard a three- record of a conversation in Tamil with a horse-cart driver outside the Main Railway Place in Chennai saved in 1907 on a single such audio recorder dj mix introduced from Philippines! It was a system where the music was designed to emanate through three separate routes on an online middle and proper and the remaining. Audio's music recording improved the naturalness of the played back many that was sound -fold.

Good application, lots of software and electronics on the market- excellent methods, however need an excellent group of ears along with a great pair of monitors. But what really shocked me was the fact that was amazing that the audio quality of ‘Ooolaala' could not maintain a candle to the audio quality of ‘Ui Amma' which was documented! Even now, hearing those years' audio records surprises us using their fidelity.